Vanuatu - Cyclone Pam - Clean Water Rebuilding

Post date: Mar 18, 2015 9:19:52 AM

You have no doubt heard about the great damage caused in our near neighbour Vanuatu and surrounding Islands by Cyclone Pam during the past week. We have in the past undertaken clean water projects in Vanuatu , providing water tanks and so forth. Major Aid organisations are already on the ground providing immediate relief, however the ongoing job of replacing Water Systems will be a necessity in the wake of the cyclone. Thanks to your support we plan to send $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 through the office of Bishop Jean Bosco Baremes S.M to help with the rebuilding efforts. This is money that has already been donated by our donors, for clean water projects, and we are most grateful to be able to help our brothers and sisters in Vanuatu through the recovery phase.I have spoken with Bishop Baremes, Bishop of Port Vila, to discuss their immediate and ongoing needs. In addition to the $50,000 that we had already allocated from Clean Water donation we have received to date a further $45,000 $100,000 (as at April 29). These funds will be used for purchases including water filtration, water tanks, guttering and plumbing, sanitation and numerous other essentials that now need to be replaced after the storm.We are doing have made an initial transfer of funds to ensure that the money arrives arrived safely. We will transfer further installments as the rebuilding continues. To date $50,000 have been transferred.

If you know anyone who would like to provide additional contributions, they can make a donation through the online donations page

Bishop Baremes, Bishop of Port Vila

Bishop Jean Bosco Beremes S.M. the Bishop of Port Vila has approximately 50,000 Catholics in his Diocese, along with 28 priests. He comes originally from Bougainville in PNG. But he studied in Fiji for many years and has worked with and knows his people very well.

I write to formally thank you and the MSC Mission’s Office and all helping us in our efforts to go out to the victims of Cyclone PAM and offer help. This Cyclone, which, unlike many cyclones, has brought people to practice solidarity. I saw families opening their homes to welcome those who had lost even the little they had.

From Espiritu Santo, people from our different parishes got together and sent us taros, sweet potatoes, fruits, rice, and even clothing by ship. It wasn’t big but for those affected, this meant that their fellow men and women had not forgotten them. Solidarity starts at home, and many rose to that opportunity. Bigger help started to come as NGO’s began arriving from all over the place. I really cannot say how helpful these NGO’s have been since many I think came to do their thing.

I thank you and the MSC Mission’s Office for the generous help you have given us. Many have been calling as far as the South of Tanna, asking for Tanks for Schools and Churches, and individuals have been calling too to ask for help with Water Tanks. Your gift will be very much appreciated them.

We will keep all abreast with and when work starts and we will make sure it is all accounted for.

Father, thank again for you generosity.


Bishop John Bosco Baremes

Diocese of Port Vila

and select "Clean Water" and "Central Pacific". Or, if making a donation by mail, simply write on the donation slip that it is for "Cyclone Pam Recovery". Many thanks again for your ongoing support. Yours Fraternally,Fr Adrian Meaney msc


The Bishop has been sending regular updates. Here is a copy of the email that he sent on 3rd March 2016:

We received the statement from the ANZ Bank before yesterday (10th December 2015 to 24th February 2016) with the amount of VT 3, 973,514 entered on the 24th of February, 2016.

I am still waiting for Frs Laurent and Antoine to send me stories and photos. Fr Antoine is preparing stories and photos of where tanks are and Fr. Laurent is doing the same at Lowanatom. They have promised me that they are working on them.

On the Island of Ambae it is very difficult to get photos but the tanks are there already. Communications with that part of the island of Ambae is very frustrating. When the people from that area want to make calls here, they have to walk up the mountain to a spot where they get the signal and then they can call us. Calling them from Port Vila for information is difficult and is frustrating for me.

I thank you again for the help and I am hoping we can send some news as they arrive at our office


+Jean-Bosco Baremes

Mgr Jean-Bosco Baremes

Evêque de Port-Vila