Fr Adrian Francis Meaney msc

Fr Adrian Meaney MSC OBE CSM, founder of the MSC Mission Office passed away on Wednesday night February 6th, 2019, in hospital after a short illness. He was still active in his ministry and works for the Mission Office right up until his Death.

He wrote in his last newsletter “Our faith is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, by which we are freed from the slavery of sin and become children of God. We are born to a new life.” Adrian has now been born to his new life with Jesus and the Father.

Father Adrian had often spoken of commencing scholarships in memoriam of our Mission Office workers who have passed away. You may donate to these scholarships through the donate button below.

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Fr Adrian Meaney msc Religious Scholarship.

Adrian was a Missionary of the Sacred Heart, a religious and priest, with a long and varied career in Papua New Guinea and Alice Springs before founding the MSC Mission Office.

He spent all his ministry with people of other cultures disadvantaged by lack of education, development and opportunity and developed the MSC Mission Office into a significant organization to assist those in need of development.

We wish to assist young people who feel called to religious life and priesthood who may not have the means to pursue this vocation, but who lack the opportunity to achieve the educational standards or other requirements to answer this vocational call.

Br Paul McGuigan msc Academic Scholarship

Paul was a quiet achiever who had acquired skills and qualifications often unrecognized, and who dedicated these achievements and his life for the good of others through the mission of the church.

In his time at the Mission Office he recognized the great needs of others who through poverty and circumstances could not achieve what they were capable of.

We wish to assist such young people to have a chance to further their education, to develop their capacity and knowledge and to attain qualifications that will launch them into a fuller life and successful career.

Mr Michael McTernan Sports Scholarship.

Michael was a very active and skilled sportsman who brought a very energetic and enthusiastic approach to his sport, and his many other activities and accomplishments in life.

As a lay missionary and projects administrator he gave many years of generous and active service to the work of the Mission Office at home and overseas.

We wish to assist in the promotion of these same attributes in young people; an energetic, skilled and professional approach to sport, and the development of the dedication and focus for a successful sporting career, extending into a longer life as a person and citizen.

We envisage a person who would contribute to the sporting world, in turn passing on skills and attributes to younger people and building up family and social relationships.

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