People of goodwill striving to create a better global society

with and through the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

If you would like to volunteer your services to the MSC Mission Office,

please download and complete the Volunteer Form in PDF or Word Version and return it to:

The Director

MSC Mission Office

PO Box 177

Kensington NSW 1465

Volunteering for Overseas Mission

Who can volunteer?

The Australia Bureau of statistics in a recent survey indicated that about one in three people over the age of 15 years volunteer around 4.5 hours each week.

From this we can conclude that the idea of volunteering is well-known and most Australians are generous. They really feel concern for their neighbours

What about overseas?

Australians have  a proven track record of distinguished service in developing countries.

Each year hundreds of people go to many countries, and do remarkable work.

Why short term?

Many people do not have the time or the opportunity to work overseas for six months or more.

Also they can contribute in a significant way, especially if they have an expertise which is not available in developing countries.

The MSC Mission Office began in June 1998, and since then over 100 people have availed themselves of the short term Missionary experience with us.

Five of our Lay Volunteers have joined the Seminary.

Who Volunteers?

Since the commencement of the Mission Office, we have had lay volunteers go overseas with the following skills:

We have a youthful spirit open to the cry of the poor. Although our spirit and motivation is Catholic, we have a history of co-operating with all people of good will.

Members of Rotary, the Society of St Vincent de Paul, Seminaries for the priesthood, as well as Parish groups have worked happily with us.

Our spirit is one of hospitality, good cheer and mutual support.

We are anxious that people who go overseas and those who welcome them are properly prepared.We ask our volunteers to pay airfares while we provide accommodation, food and security.

We also have volunteers to help out in our Kensington office. At the moment we have need for people with the following skills. If you can assist, please contact us.

Schools Curriculum for Video Production We would like to engage children into the work of missions in which students would create a short video and music suitable for showing in church using some photo, video and background material provided. We need to develop a package, meeting the requirements of one or more curriculum areas, that teachers would be able to adopt and use.

Graphic Design and Publications Production of our calendar, outreach newsletter, and other brochures is an ongoing need. Assistance in the area of graphic design and creation of publications would be most helpful.

Media and Communications Development of materials, media releases, and promotion of our work now encompasses the online world as well as more traditional media. Skilled people who can assist in keeping all of this up to date and active would be most helpful.

General Assistance Routine duties, sorting stamps, unpacking and packaging materials for distribution; all of these are activities that we need help doing.

Friends of Kensington Monastery The friends of Kensington Monastery do great things collecting donated items and packing containers to ship to needy locations in the Pacific Islands. They also make mighty efforts helping to maintain the gardens and old buildings at the monastery.

Looking for Something More?

If you are wondering what direction  your life should take

perhaps the following link may help you with your discernment.