MSC Mission Office Australia Board

The MSC Mission Office Australia Incorporated is governed by a Board with 12 Directors. Directors and members attend the Board meetings that are held six times a year. The Annual General Meeting is usually in May.

Each Board Meeting has a Director's Report about activities since the last meeting, financial reports for each of the funds, projects to be considered for approval, and other special reports from time to time.

Board and Project Meetings

Board meetings are generally Friday of the second week of every second month through the year.


The MSC Mission Office Australia Inc. has a defined governance process. This process ensures that:

  • Funds received as donations are used as directed by the donor

  • Funds are used according to our policy of accountability and transparency

The process requires that:

  • Application forms with a quotation be completed and approved by a local authority. e.g- MSC Mission Offices are established in Papua New Guinea, Fiji (Central Pacific), India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Africa.

  • The applications are forwarded to the Board of the MSC Mission Office Australia Inc, which either accepts or rejects the applications in accordance with the defined protocol.

  • If the application has been approved, the allocated funding is transferred to an approved overseas account.

  • At the completion of a project the applicant is required to complete an acquital form, along with a project report with receipts (if required) and photo's and forward them to the MSC Mission Office Australia.

Board Meetings

  • Board meetings are held every 2 months to consider project applications and distribute donations. The constitution requires six Board meetings to be conducted each year.

What Happens

  • You complete and submit a project application to your regional mission office.

  • Applications are numbered and recorded.

  • The application is checked for completeness and you may be asked to supply additional details.

  • Requests are reviewed in line with the type of projects that we support and our available donations at the time.

  • Projects that meet our criteria and funding capacity will be put forward to the board.

  • If your request is successful you will be notified.

  • Funds will be transferred through your regional mission office.

  • You will need to confirm funds are received correctly.

  • You complete your project.

  • You send us copies of your spending and receipts.

  • You send us some photo's and a short report on how the project went.