Bushfire Relief Brings Calm to Southern Highlands Family

Recovery takes time. Through the support of our donors and the work of our partners in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, that slow journey to recovery from the 2019/20 bushfire season is being made easier for Catherine Everton and her son, Dylan.

The Everton's property in Balmoral was badly damaged by fires.

"We are blessed and thankful our home was saved as it was directly in the path of the firestorm. However, the damage to the rest of the property will take many months to repair. The heroism of our fire fighters needs to be recognised and held in such high regard for serving our communities with such courage. Thank you's also need to be given to all those volunteers who helped so many in the aftermath of the fire crisis."

Ms Everton expressed her gratitude to the donors osf the MSC Mission Office for the emotional support that the relief payment provided to her and Dylan. "This financial support towards paying my son's fees has come at a most needed time for us and we are so thankful to you and the MSC's in helping us to bring our lives back into some order, calmness and peace of mind," she said. "This support for his education means the world to him and to me and we quietly and humbly accept your kindness."

As we all now adjust to the challenges of COVID-19, we remember that many communities in Australia were just starting to rebuild after this devasting bushfire season when the disease struck. The MSC Mission Office will continue to support these communities in every way we can during these next few months.