Papua New Guinea - Mount Hagen

Post date: Oct 9, 2017 9:44:04 PM

Fr Bonipas writes from Mount Hagen in Papua New Guinea where we have been helping his community housing program with water tanks. Fr Boni's program encourages people to first save up money for their need and then the grant from the Mission Office is a bonus. This encourages the local people and then they become accustomed to saving and providing for their own needs. They also then take collections to send some donations back to the Mission Office for the needs of others.

"From the news letters, I saw many countries are getting some kind of support from MSC Australia.

We are targeting 3 areas of support, clean water, solar lights, and open age's centres. These are basic needs to survive. Many people are lacking these basic elements for their lives. In reality we can say that we are poor. There is no logic to being poor, because it's not logical that anybody should be poor. Collectively we have more than enough, and we should place value on sharing it. We need to stop equating luck with effort. We need to understand that nobody plans on ending up poor. The economic system or the environment sometimes makes people become poor. Many lack the knowledge of improving themselves is indeed missing. It's our society that perpetuates conditions of poverty that makes people poor. And this needs to be change as well.

In PNG many people are poor, not because they are lazy or lacking in ability or because they are unlucky. They are poor because of the way society includes its economic system is organised. This is indeed one way of looking at country PNG. According to many reports, this country PNG is a rich country with so many natural resources. The way we live does not reflect that we are rich. The so call politicians are enjoying a good life and rest of the people are getting poor. It will take time and nature will play its part along that line. We cannot just sit down and do nothing, but must act on something. Find our own way out, just like MSC Australia is doing.

Sharing what they have. Can the countries who are receiving some form of help, I would suggest that we need to contribute also into that MSC appeal and others can benefited from that contribution. It's like giving and receiving. We need to think seriously about this issue please. The MSC team needs our prayers and support as well. We need to take part and make it bigger and better. Therefore I would strongly ask these countries or places who have received some help, needs to find some means to contribute something back to the team.

Thank you the MSC mission and team for the great job done, reaching many people lacking basic needs in our lives.

Thank you

God bless

Fr. Bonipas Umba "