Fiji - Cyclone Winston Assistance Report

Post date: Aug 12, 2016 1:48:53 AM

Mission Office Fiji


Water Tank Assistances to TC Winston Victims

Summary of Work Completed To Date Below is a summary of the assistance provided to those families, schools, villages etc. that had been devastatingly affected by severe Tropical Cyclone Winston which had hit Fiji on 20th – 21st February, 2016.

The Mission Office Fiji had received funding to help those who have been affected by TC Winston. On 3rd March, 2016 we received FJ$28,657.00 and again on 15th April 2016 we received another donation of FJ$20,559.40. Below is the breakdown of what the funds have been used for and the balance as 3rd August 2016.

1. St. John’s College, Cawaci

Saint John’s College, Cawaci is located on the island of Ovalau. It is a Roman Catholic co-educational boarding school. The school like most of the schools in Fiji had been badly damaged by TC Winston.

Repair works are still underway.

The Mission Office had donated three water tanks, 2 X 10,200 Liters and 1 X 5,300 Liters. Below is the email explaining where the water tanks would be situated.

Thank you email sent by St. John’s College Principal Fr. Ekuasi Manu, sm to the Project manager, Mr. Thomas O’Brien.

I haven't forgotten to acknowledge the Sacred Heart Foundation via the local MSC superior for their kind donations of the 3 water tanks to the school. In fact they come in very handy and timely as we rebuild the school.

As you can see from the photos one is at the junior girls' hostel, 2nd one outside the Y11 block, and the 3rd one will be outside the church. The base for the 3rd one will await the completion to the church and then we'll build it.

Kind regards,


Greetings from Cawaci! Trust this finds you and the family in good health.

2. Korovisilou Community

Two 5,300 Liters water tank worth of FJ$2,100.00 has been donated to the Korovisilou Community. This community is located in the Province of Serua. The water tanks are positioned in places that are accessible to the community. As you can see from the pictures one is situated near the hall and the other is at a family home for the community.

3. Bua Community

Six 10,000 Liters water tanks worth FJ$12,900.00 has already been purchased for Bua village and delivered. Bua is a province in Vanua Levu (second of the major islands). The water tanks are said to be for Namalata, Kiobo village and the Kubulau District School. Each of the two villages and the school has been given 2 water tanks.

4. Sasa Village Ba

Ba is a province in Fiji occupying the north-western part of Viti Levu (one of the major islands). Sasa village had been badly damaged by TC Winston. The Mission Office donated two 10,000L water tanks to Sasa Village. We are yet to receive photos of the water tanks.

5. Ra Maternity, Health CentreRa is one of the provinces of Fiji in the northern part of Viti Levu. It was also one of the many places that was badly affected by TC Winston. The Mission Office donated two 10,000L water tanks to the Ra Maternity Health Centre.

6. Kanacea Community

We are yet to provide water tanks to this island, but the villagers have already constructed the stands for the water tanks