Congo, Mbandaka - Water for School

Post date: May 19, 2014 11:44:47 PM

It is a great pleasure for us all here to come at the end of this part of the project. We thank God for making this possible; and we’d like once again to thank you a million for your great help and support. We suffered from many years fetching water in buckets and cans from rivers, springs or streams, in a scholar complex of more than 800 pupils. I remember that last year we almost had a very big problem: very little kids from primary school went to the big Congo river without us knowing. While they were there, may be playing, one of them fell into the water. Fortunately, some fishermen were there in the shore; they rushed, caught the child and brought her back to the school…This little story will let you know that you save many little souls by giving us water in school! Please pass our gratitude to all your benefactors, all those who contributed to make this possible. It is a big event at the school; children are very happy to see the water running as you’ll see on the photos, same for the sisters and teachers. One little girl, seeing water, spontaneously exclaimed in local language:” Nzambe merci!” This means:”Thank you Lord!”

As you see on the financial report, cisterns have been bought but we need a generator and some connexion with pipes to bring water up for taps and closer to the toilets… That generator would help also to make computers work for the pupils. By the way, we have only nine computers and some classes have more than sixty pupils who have to learn at the same time in a small local from the sisters convent because there is no generator at the school. You’d have pity on them seeing how they are sweating, girls and the teacher… Mbandaka, the 19th of May 2014.

Sr. Philomène, fdnsc.