Kiribati - Latest Container of Donated Items

Post date: Apr 15, 2016 1:23:23 AM

Some feedback from the latest container of items sent to Kiribati

Thank you so much Fr for the items in the container. I just return yesterday picking boxes we packed with your workers.

I am so grateful because I am assigned to IHC Taborio this year. So many things are very useful for the school and for the workers and their little ones.

Again thank you so much for your help and I hope you do not mind if you keep IHC Taborio if there are things useful for the school.

Best Wishes

Sr Maata Berenato

Dear Adrian,

The container arrived and its treasures distributed.

The chaplain for the diocesan students to the priesthood, Fr Kenny thanks you for the Monstrance.

Bishop Paul Mea thanks you for the musical instruments. He plans to begin a brass band among the youth.

The Mass kit and Tabernacle are taken to the island of Abemama by Fr Tatieru; he also plans to take some computers to Chevalier College which is there.

The Kiribati superior, Fr Keleto is organising the distribution of computers; he began yesterday when the Principal of Mater Dei school, Bikenibeu, asked for one for a class.

The Bishop's secretary, Marlene Rasmussen, distributed tables and chairs - some to the Bishop, others to the Women's Centre, and to schools, including the Pastoral Institute which I manage.

There is a hill of boxes, each one labelled and sealed: some with kitchen items, and cutlery and crockery: our community needed 3 or 4 of those boxes.

There are more 'treasures'; Fr Keleto, with Marlene Rasmussen , can account for each of them.

I am saying "Thank you"; the organisation, the donors, the packing volunteers are all wonderful people.

I do ask the good Lord to bless them - and you.

A. Yelds M S C