History of my vocation - Christian MONGAY NYABOLONDO

Post date: Dec 18, 2014 9:32:27 PM

History of my vocation

My name is Christian MONGAY NYABOLONDO. I was born into a Christian family. Since my very young age, I was educated according to the Catholic Church’s virtues. However, it was through my commitment in my parish –Sainte Marie Madeleine– that I felt God’s call to me. And that call was deepened with a gracious help of an elder priest of my parish. Besides, the fact I belong to a parish led by the MSCs made me choose that congregation. But, it was during my initial formation that I really got in touch with the MSC’s spirituality, charisma and mission. By the way, I came to discover each day in Jesus’s Sacred Heart the source of God’s love for me. That is why I choose to fully consecrate my life to the Lord, serving him in the Church, through our congregation.

Since my first vows, the 14th August 2005, I realize serving God like MSC in my life. I was ordained the 22th May 2011. Since my ordination, I worked in the formation of MSCs ‘s candidates, at the Prenoviciate, as Responsible. In the same time, I was the manager of our school, in Kinshasa (DRC). This work for the poors and the little ones, at the school (we support the schooling of many Orphans), I realize the sense of our mission, expressed by the Love of Jesus for the poor and for the little ones: “He was happy to pour out the tenderness of his Heart on little ones and on the poor, on those who suffer and on sinners, on all the miseries of humanity. The sight of any misfortune moved his Heart with compassion”. After three years of service, my superiors sent me at Roma for the Doctorate study in philosophy. My research is on the problems of justice and peace in the world, in general, and in Africa, in particular.