South Africa - HIV/Aids project

Post date: Jul 8, 2015 1:52:12 AM

Sr Sally Duigan writes:

Good morning from Holy Family Care Centre in South Africa.

Holy Family is home to 70 children. Attached you will find further information about us.

At present our OLSH Community consists of Sr Emelie from DRCongo, Sr Jeanne from Indonesia and myself.

Fr Vince Carroll MSC has recently been appointed as our Chaplain and we are delighted about this.

He has a good supply of marbles for the little ones to play and he is building a wall so they can practice Volley Ball. Tonight we are going to have a barbecue.

At present we have two volunteers from Australia and we are expect 3 South African volunteers over the weekend. They will stay during their University holidays.

Fr Adrian - you might be guessing by now that I am writing because we are in a dire financial situation.

Unfortunately the Government have not paid our subsidy for 2 quarters now - so we are 6 months behind in our payments. I have used all our donation money to cover our expenses.

I am working frantically to try to get the Govt. payments made but it is not working. We were supposed to be paid by the end of June - and now there is no promise at all. I have a pile of bills on my desk for food, electricity, some urgent repairs that had to be done - and the list goes on.

I am humbly approaching you in the hope that you may be able to send an urgent donation to help us get through this worrying time. We have four little babies in our nursery and 14 little toddlers as well as 52 attending school.

Now we have winter holidays and the children need warm clothes and more blankets and the needs go on.

Is it possible for you to send a donation to help us get through this situation. I am writing to a few other donors who may be able to help - if each can give approx $10000 - $15000 we may get out of our present crisis.

Do you think there is any chance you could help us. Please let me know. Bank Details are on the brochure.

With love and trust in the Heart of Jesus,

Sally olsh

Holy Family Care Centre is an HIV/Aids project within the Catholic Diocese of Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

It is under the direction of the international religious congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

The Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart have worked among, with and for the African people in Limpopo Province since the early 1950's. With HIV/Aids reaching pandemic proportion the Sisters already involved in this work in Tzaneen wanted to do something more, especially in a deprived area. Initially they dialogued with the local people to see how they could best respond. There were many possibilities, but eventually it became clear that the greatest need was the care of orphaned and vulnerable children, especially those with HIV/Aids.

Holy Family Care Centre was officially opened with a simple blessing on December 8, 2001.

The first request for help came from Letaba Hospital in May 2002, through the Paediatrician, Dr. Cecilia Garcia Alfonso, with the approval of the Hospital Superintendent. And so began Holy Family Care Centre with five children discharged from Letaba Hospital who needed ongoing care, medication on a regular basis, good nutrition and a safe, happy environment for their ongoing well being.

Over the years children have come and gone – some have died and others have been re-united with extended family.

Many of the children who come to the Centre are very malnourished, ill and traumatized. We strive to give them the holistic care they need – physical, emotional, psychological, educational and spiritual support.

Our aim is to provide these children with a safe, happy, loving environment where they no longer need to feel afraid and where they can reclaim their childhood. We are committed to ensuring that they get a chance in life through education. The children attend the local village school at Calais.

Their greatest need is for compassionate love and care and this is our vision and our mission.

Holy Family Care Centre is a residential facility that welcomes orphaned and vulnerable children without discrimination, male and female, especially those with HIV/Aids.

Holy Family exists to:

• provide residential care for orphans and vulnerable children, especially those with HIV/Aids, ensuring that they live in a safe, happy, loving environment

• provide holistic care for children’s physical, psychological, educational, social and spiritual needs

Holy Family aims to:

• re-unite the children with their families whenever possible in collaboration with Social Workers

• ensure that children remain in close contact with their families by encouraging contact through phone calls and visits

• prepare the children for life by offering life skill’s training and educational opportunities

Director: Sr. Sally Duigan olsh

Can you help? Please clearly mark your donation "for Holy Family Care Centre South Africa - Sr Sally Duigan"