South Africa - Mangumane Vukkage, Parish of Thohoyandou - Construction of a youth drop-in centre staffed by local caregivers

Post date: Jul 24, 2015 12:35:40 AM

Maungumane Drop in centre Thohoyandou parishThis report is prepared to give feedback on the project mentioned above. We would like to present some achievements, challenges and future plan met at the drop in centre. We are presenting it these way so that you can feel our daily activities with this youth and children that you have financed the building for. ACHIEVEMENT.The children receiving care from our drop in centre are almost 70 OVC from the age of 05 – 18 years.• Some of the OVC have received blanket as help for the winter.• 30 of them were helped with their school home work. We visited as care givers parent who are living with HIV&AIDS. We provided them Food and help them in cleaning the surrounding of their houses.• Two OVC because of their extreme poverty received School Uniform.• We provide also in this period cancelling to the children that identifies in our group as traumatised OVC by their guardian. Who identify number of them?• To some OVC very poor we are offering food to eat at home for the evening if not they sleep hungry.• We refer two children to the social worker so that they get help for a birth certificate.• 70 are receiving food afters school five days a week. • We do also school monitoring at the school where our OVC are attending classes to found out about them• We visited OVC at home and provide them help with household chore.Building report.

• With your help we have built a beautiful structure of a hall, office and storeroom, with our own design, as you will see on the pictures we sent, we did the opening and Fr Vince Carol was present.. we equipped our structure with chairs, tables office chairs as you can see on the photos

• This is a great achievement and has brought joy and hope to the children of the drop in centre and to the village as well.

• The chief of the village of Maungumane during the opening ceremony has expressed really his joy and happiness for the donation towards the poor, youth and disadvantage children. Most of them are victims of HIV. As you read in the achievement we would like honestly in the name of all donors to say THANK YOU. This structure will be looked after and protected as the chief mentioned it in his speech. A child has made a speech . the girl did her speech in her local language known as Tshivenda and this is the translation in english

"Firstly I would like to thank all the people who managed to come to the drop-in centre today. We appreciate the building we got not forgetting the chairs because previously we used to sit on stones and eating. We also thank all the MSC for what they have done for us together with the food they gave us. We say thanks to the MSC. We used to put our books on stones when writing homework’s, now we have tables and we can write well. The children used to learn everything from papers but now we have a board were we write things easier. We used to suffer from cold weather and dust but now we have a good and warm place to work in. Even the caregivers who help here will be relieved from doing ups and downs with food when serving us to eat, now that there is a place to put all the stuff, I feel that there is no suitable way to thank you for all that, but we thank you very muchCHALLENGES• Some OVC about 13 are HIV positive and we have no money to buy food parcels which contain balance diet for those who are HIV & AIDS. The number these affected children are increasing rather than decreasing. Many parents failed to accept the status of being affected by HIV & AIDS and the result is that they are dying because of lack of care. • We are strongly saying for this matter that workshops are essential for those who are positive both parents and children in order to get help. FUTURE PLAN.• We hope to have children’s home in our new drop in centre of maungumane to accommodate children and youth disadvantaged who are neglected and abandoned by their parents. Actually we have noticed 10 of them and the number same like increasing.• For the future we also need to be provided Materials for children to play with. Eg: dolls Muswiki and balls.• We plan to have a garden in our new site to plough vegetables so that we increase our income as our drop in centres is built and fence with strong gates. So we would like to have some garden materials. Eg : Hose pipe, spade, cleaning fork.Thohoyandou the 22 July 2015. Fr Benoit Sitor GUEYE msc