Meg’s Children – Nepal

Post date: Jul 6, 2015 11:14:07 PM

Meg’s Children – Nepal

First and foremost, thank you for your ongoing support to Meg’s Children Trust. The contribution you have provided over the last 18 months have helped us to provide a home, health, education and a future for Meg’s Children’s in Nepal. This assistance is greatly appreciated by the committee of Meg’s Children and the children we are helping. We currently have 17 children who now range from Kindergarten to Year 12. In addition, we have been able to assist 3 of our young adults to further their education by commencing university.

We have moved some of our older children into independent accommodation. This will start to provide and grow their experience as they pursue their post school education or seek other career prospects. Whilst they do not have the means to support these ventures on their own, Meg’s will continue to provide support through living and education expenses.

This is an exciting and new experience for us in Australia as well as the children in Kathmandu.

Over the last 12 months, Meg’s Children have developed a close co-operation and relationship with Siddhi Memorial Hospital. Siddhi Memorial Hospital provides for the medical needs of women and children in Kathmandu. Siddhi now provides for the medical needs of our children.

The Nepal earthquake has brought much devastation to Nepal and in particular Kathmandu. Luckily, our children were not injured during the earthquake or the following aftershocks and again, luckily, their home was not damaged.

Following these recent earthquake events in Nepal, we have commenced to welcome more children into Meg’s Children due to the loss of parents or dwellings or both. We fully expect this to continue throughout this year. This is a challenge that with help of many, the Committee at Meg’s Children Trust will embrace.

Again, we at Meg’s Children thank you for your support and we hope through the continued support of the MSC family, we can continue to grow Meg’s Children in Nepal and provide for those young people who without our help will end up in very sub-standard and dire state.


David Hicks