Fiji - Update from Volunteers Helping with Training College Building Works

Post date: Aug 22, 2013 11:45:23 PM

So far, Bob has been busy at MSC House in Suva every day, helping to sort out details that have been delaying school registration progressing. He has had meetings with Higher Education officials and made appointments for inspections etc. He has had meetings with accountants and auditors and will have more meetings next week.

We met Fr Simon on Saturday morning. He asked Bob to also look at the building plans for the new classrooms and dining room and progress them to tender stage. These were drawn up last year when we were here and when we left they were needing an engineer’s report which has been done and has received its approval stamp. These will keep him busy all week.

We have met with the new principal who has been here a little over a month. He is determined to make improvements, to spruce up the school’s appearance and improve discipline. Bob showed him the paperwork prepared last year.

The school has exams next week and then most of the students go home for the holidays. Some live too far away and stay on at school. They will help tidy up for the inspections due later in August.

Tiko Vakacego (pronounced tiko vacathengo -‘be at peace’)

Anne and Bob