Congo - OLSH School in Boende

Post date: Nov 30, 2016 11:01:51 PM

We received photo's and acquittal from Sister Lea KPOYABUMU and Sr Philomène Iketa for the $30,000 sent to Congo for repairs to the OLSH School in Boende.

Sister Lea writes: "With the money received, we got the roof and the ceiling repaired; replaced the broken sheet metals, all the rotten planks (wood), ceiling, so that now, no more leaking roof; children study peacefully even if it’s rainy season. We made a retaining (supporting) wall to hold the building. We repaired all the breaking walls in the classrooms. We opened a small gate between the school and the convent because it didn’t exist so sisters had to always make a big tour and it’s difficult in case of emergency like they have to take a sick child to hospital."

Sr Philomène writes: "We cannot thank you enough as you saved lives...The school building in Boende is an old building. Walls were breaking, the roof leaking... so many threats...It has been quite scary to keep the children in especially during rainy season when we have strong winds and big storms. And because people are very poor, you cannot even dream of asking them to do something about it. Your contribution to the education of this disadvantaged youth is great! Now, children are relieved. A child in grade four, happy, said: “we don’t run anymore all over the place when it rains! We are safe now and can remain in our respective classrooms! This is a very big change!”

Your support gives us courage to keep up our mission even in these very difficult conditions. Please pass our gratitude to all your benefactors. May God bless you abundantly and reward you for being so generous to the needy, the little ones."

Sr Philomène has many clean water, disadvantaged youth, and Health projects across central Africa that the Mission Office is assisting with funds.

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