Cameroon - MSC Scolasticate NKOLBISSON-YAOUNDE training farm

Post date: Mar 19, 2014 3:13:42 AM

Peace to you. And greetings from the sunny Africa.Heartfelt thanks to the MSC mission Office Australia for your valued assistance. Here is the report from the last financial help we ask for renovation of our piggery and poultry. We finished the first part of the work (roof and gutter repair, new fence) and we bought some units for the poultry.

The assistance will help us to continue to maintain the farm yard infrastructure like piggery and the bananas plantation will start soon. A kind of self-financing labour. Our own msc students are involved in work and farm provides us eggs, chickens, pork…….. and the unemployed young people of the neighbourhood help us also and get some financial help.

From my heart rises up this wish for all: that the beginning of this Lent season, particularly suited to interior purification, help us to look with renewed hope to the light which awaits us at Easter.


P.S.: I’m planning for the Easter project, to organize a three days session with a doctor in favour of the young people of the bush area (200 kms from the main town) where I use to go for Christmas and Easter celebrations since 2010. I’m in contact with our msc brothers there. The session will be about HIV/AIDS awareness raising and prevention counselling for young people. In these bush parish, early childbearing and a lack of skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth contribute to extremely high levels of maternal mortality.I’ll apply on the next Easter board-meeting to help this people.

God bless. Take care.

Fr. Toussaint ILUKU, msc