Vunavavar, Archdiocese of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

Post date: May 5, 2015 12:16:09 AM

Hi and greetings from Rabaul!

We purchased four 5000 Litres water tanks for K11, 052.66 nstalled in four communities in the parish; Vunavavar, Vunatat, Tokiaia and Vunapaka.

The number of people benefiting from these water tanks is around two thousand. We set them up in locations easily access to all people; the young and old, school children and parents.

Our people as beneficiaries made the foundations for the tanks.

MSC Mission Office financial support is timely since the recent volcanic eruption in August 2014 had a drastic ramification on the local population. Because we are amidst volcanic area, there is no creek or rivers to access clean water. We depend entirely on rainfall preserved in water tanks. These areas are within the zone ash fall frequents.

We can never be more thankful for your generosity and our people are at ease with joy for your support. We pray for you and MSC Mission Office in your tireless generous efforts in supporting the needy.

Thankyou and God Bless!

Mr Benedict Warwakai

Vunavavar Parish Youth Leader