South Sudan - Fresh drinking Water for three village communities

Post date: Dec 20, 2016 12:05:22 AM

Sr Rita Grunke is back in Australia at the moment and has brought a request for five new bore wells in South Sudan. She is requesting the Mission Office donors to support three of these and will be asking a Brisbane Parish for funding of the other two. The company that does the wells will only travel from Juba if there are five wells to be drilled.

Sr Grunke writes:

This project is for Provision of Fresh drinking Water for three village communities who are without access to fresh clean drinking water.

Two Community Settlements are within Mapuordit Parish; the third is a Satellite school which we support with basic school supplies but are without water.

The provision of water points with hands pumps for three communities whose requests have been on the waiting list for over 12 months. Each location is at least three Km from their nearest water point. Panajak has a very active female leader who will develop a garden when the water point becomes a reality. Barbol school children are disadvantaged in that water is not available on school site. On hot days teaching hours are shortened due to lack of water. The women at Panabuna have pleaded for more than twelve months for water closer to home.

The main beneficiaries are the one hundred plus persons at each location, who will enjoy an adequate water supply for drinking and cooking; those to benefit directly are young girls and women who currently walk long distances like 3 and 4 Km for their water. There is no river near by the locations nor an alternative water source like roadside ponds and natural ponds. Students at Barbol school number 367 pupils and range from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Of the three locations Barbol is of top priority.

The local communities are contributing land for the water points; clearing paths to access the borehole; organising fruit tree seedlings for planting when water becomes available; each community will be responsible for future upkeep and maintenance of boreholes

I am requesting funds for 5 boreholes, because the Juba-based company will go the distance for a minimum of five work sites. Their product is of excellent quality; the depth of drilling allows for a future submersible pump. From MSC Mission Office I am requesting three water points for 2017 and a similar request is with a Brisbane parish for two water points for 2017.

Deep gratitude from all beneficiaries for all you are and have been to communities with no fresh, clean water except at the distance of three Km.


Sr. Rita Grunke

Date: 20th December, 2016

A quotation for the three bore wells has been received at $AU42,000.

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