Solomon Islands

Post date: May 6, 2016 3:15:09 AM

Greetings of Peace from the Solomon Islands. We have attached the acquittal form for 5 X 5000 litre water tanks, other materials and freights from Honiara to Auki then from Auki to Kakalano from the monies supplied by the MSC Mission Office. The villagers had to travel miles to find drinking water. Now they have clean water nearby. Therefore, villagers of Kakalano, Onefolo and staff and students of Kwarea Primary School were very Grateful and appreciate your generosity and kindness. The villagers have also had a fund raising drive to cover the total cost of materials and labour. I have enclosed the original receipts and a few photos. Thank you for this wonderful gift of clean drinking water. This gift of clean water will surely save our population not only from water scarcity but also from many water related illnesses. We look forward to having your continuous support and encouragement. Once again thank you MSC Mission Office for your generous assistance to our community in this remote and rural part of Solomon Islands. Be assured of our humble prayers. Yours in ChristFr Clement Wanesubua STL