Philippines – Bulacan Rainwater Collection Project

Post date: Sep 29, 2015 4:21:04 AM

Jordan Park is a NHA relocation site at Brgy. Real de Kakarong, Pandi, Bulacan. The village has 1,300 housing units and presently 900 units have been turned over to its occupants. The occupants are relocates from esteros and other disaster-prone areas from Metro Manila. At present, the village has no running water and has to rely on 4 deep wells or residents have to buy drums of water from ambulant trucks for their needs.Since the design of the housing units have no gutter and downspout, the project aims to provide such gutter, downspout, drum with faucet, metal flat form and other accessories needed in its installation. Water tanks will also be put up where the community garden will be established. Thus, the garden will serve as livelihood program for the sustainability aspect of the community.

This project is being organised by the No One in Need Foundation, Inc. (NONFI) who have approached our Philippines MSC Mission Office for assistance. Cost $10,000.