Philippines - Tacloban, Leyte

Post date: Mar 14, 2017 11:08:39 PM

Our Project Officer in the Philippines writes with this update:

We visited one of the approved projects in Tacloban City. Together with Fr. Richie and some volunteer partners, we met the project proponents of the water system project. We discussed the development of the project in the community. There were some aspects that needed to clarify about the project and they were raised during the meeting.

1. The site/ area where the project would be constructed – There will be 3 sites within the community where the project will be constructed. During the visit, Fr. Richie instructed the project manager to secure the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) from the community and the owner of the land where the water system will be put up to avoid problems later on. By this, the ownership of the water system will already be determined as the project is being implemented.

2. Water System Construction Team – A group of water system experts from France will come over to lead the construction of the water system. They are part of the Kaloob Foundation who volunteered to help the community for the water system project.

3. Project mapping/ sketch – A map of the water system will be completed before the construction starts. It will help verify if the water system is strong enough to be established in the community. The mapping will be made as soon as the water system team arrives in the community.

The water system project is expected to be completed in April. It will be timely for the community to secure enough water supply during summer time.

Overall, the visit was fruitful and meaningful. They also showed to us their previous and ongoing projects that they implemented for the community (e.g. farming, bakery, housing, comfort rooms and children's playground). We will come again in the area to visit and monitor the project during its implementation. That’s all for the project. Thank you and God bless.

In Christ,

Jahms Morga