Mbandaka in Equateur province - DR Congo

Post date: Jul 28, 2014 11:40:27 PM

I come from the city of Mbandaka in Equateur province in DR Congo. I have realized the Clean Water project number CONGO 2014.0583. People in Mbandaka said a big thank you to MSC Mission Office for funding this project. Indeed, the population of this area had to travel miles to find drinking water. With this project, they have water nearby.We purchased equipment and facilities in Kinshasa. We deliver to Mbandaka by an agency of air freight. This has cost us more money. We had to adapt in achieving. Indeed, instead of a submerged pump, we have a manual pump because in Mbandaka there is a serious problem of electric current. Thank you very much to MSC for this wonderful gift of water. This drill will definitely save this population not only from water scarcity but also from many water diseases.Fr Corneille BOYEYE msc, in Mbandaka , Equateur Province, DR Congo