Lakeside, Gazelle, East New Britain

Post date: Nov 28, 2016 12:37:15 AM

Fr Caspar Towaninara msc writes from East New Britain about four water tanks just installed:

The Groups which have received tanks are so grateful indeed to MSC Mission Office and Water Project for the tremendous gesture of charity and mercy. It would not have come at a better time than during this year's special Jubilee Year of Mercy (2016). The messages resonated via social media — Face book — is an indication of Gladness and Gratitude to the MSC Mission Office and Water Project.

The first 4 Tuffa Tanks were delivered to the first Four Groups. Group Leaders, who are all males were also somehow, caught with their pants either half-way up or down. It was a first of its kind to them and their Groups beyond their simple comprehension capacities and preparedness. I had to make sure they had everything right. Their contribution included these purchased items: I. Cement (for mixture with stones and sand) for Tank Stands, 2. Descent Iron Roofing, 3. Gutters, 4. Down Pipes, 5. Tap Connections and 6. Taps. With the current rainy season the Four Groups being served so far enjoy drinking clean water of life from the Tuffa Tanks (Cf. Groups Profile and Images).

Before delivery of the next 4 Tuffa Tanks I have made sure that the Groups are fully ready: Tank Stands, Iron Roofing, Gutters, Down Pipes, Tap Connections, Taps and even Locks to prevent unnecessary water wastage esp. by kids. Hence, the Groups Vunakua, Vunaluba, Navua and Vunakavananga are now ever ready and much better organized than the first Four. All members are all aware that the Tanks are meant precisely for drinking only as the members are so many. They are being educated to continue looking elsewhere for other water uses, like laundry and taking a shower...

This is a facebook post from one of the recipients:

"Today is special cos we taken delivery of a 9000 litre tank to provide the essence of life "WATER".

Special thanks and gratitude to Fr. Caspar ToWaninara,msc, MSC Sydney & Hardware Haus, Kokopo(manager). I can't help but wonder if the government of the day, thru our elected leaders (local MPs) will ever prioritize basic needs, services and development for our rural majority. I applaud and salute the agency (Catholic MSC) involved in this Water project. Thumbs up!...Feeling blessed..."

Fr Caspar has requested another four water tanks.

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