Cameroon - MSC POST-NOVITIATE, Yaoundé-Nkolbisson

Post date: Nov 30, 2016 12:41:20 AM

Brother MANGA ATEMENGUE Jean Juvénal writes from the MSC POST-NOVITIATE to ask for funds for repairs to the water pump that provides water to the Novitiate and surrounding community.

"Since the beginning of the year 2016 we have experienced breakdowns in our water installations: grilled pump, tired contactor, etc.

The cause can take days to repair.

Technicians believe this is related to the bad electricity that is provided to us and its instability. They also believe that our facilities are overburdened by the demand for water coming from our community and the neighbouring populations who draw water from these installations since two years thanks to the facilities financed by you and the Mission Office.

They therefore propose to install a new pump which will serve as a relay not only to have water in case of power failure, but to help rest from time to time the current installations.

The project will help the Community of the MSC Post-Novitiate in Yaoundé-Nkolbisson/CAMEROON and the all the neighbourhood: young people and their families."

A quotation for the work and equipment has been received at $AU8,500.

Can You Help?

Please donate and select Overseas Aid Projects (Tax-deduction) for Clean Water and write "Cameroon Post Novitiate" in the comments field.