Blessed Peter To Rot Centre, Kiunga – Fr. Vinod D’mello smm

Post date: Aug 21, 2015 12:38:22 AM

We have been successful in the purchase of the 7 x 3000 liters water tanks and 2 x 9000 liters water tanks.Recently, there was drought and scarcity of water in Kiunga. The water pump at St. Montfort Primary School was also under repair. The people along with their families and the staff members at Blessed Peter To Rot Centre thank you for assisting us with the water tanks because of which we had good amount of clean water and assist other nearby families during this time of difficulty. As they were grateful to you for the water tanks which is a blessing in disguise. Mrs. Joyce Hubert, Diocesan Women Service Coordinator said, “God continues to help and he reaches out to us through the blessed hands of MSC Australia to meet our basic necessity of water. Thank you, MSC Australia. God bless you”.