Australia - Wadeye Port Keats Northern Territory

Post date: Dec 4, 2015 5:19:51 AM

Good news for bush camps. Catholic Missions have granted us some water pumping kits and tanks.

Kudantiga, Ngarinthi, Nganthak, Ditchi, Wumirdim and Yenbun camps will all benefit from these water supplies.

The old waterholes from the bush life days have been damaged by pigs and cane toads.

The bush camps are used by people for recreation and cultural camps but these bush camps do not qualify for government funding. Families always come back refreshed mentally and physically after having some time out bush.

Kind regards to everyone, Mark Crocombe, Cultural Coordinator


Please find attached copies of the invoices that have been paid for the project. The materials have all been purchased and the tanks etc arrived this week by barge.

Mark is working with various employment organizations to install and repair the water supplies in coming months. I will of course send you a report when the projects are completed.

Thank you once again, the supply of fresh water in the outstations is a very worthwhile project towards encouraging people to return to their homelands.

Leo Wearden msc