2015 - SOUTH AFRICA - Clean Water for orphan houses in Limpopo Province

Post date: Sep 17, 2015 11:25:10 PM

Sr Christine Martin OLSH writes from South Africa on the assistance provided for the orphan houses in Limpopo Province: “Thank you: The funding has been most appreciated by the families and children who benefited from this upgrade of their living conditions. Circumstances can be quite harsh particularly for orphaned children/youth who have no ready income to do any major maintenance. The water project has enabled these beneficiaries to experience a better quality of life. To all who have contributed to these donations we owe a debt of gratitude. May God bless your generosity.

Fencing around properties was the first priority and then pit toilets were dug and structure above ground was completed.

This necessitated buying water to mix cement and having drums to keep it in.

After small houses were built the guttering, tank stand and tanks were purchased, fitted or built. The household then needed wheelbarrows and water containers to bring river water/village pump water for washing and gardens as tanks only provided drinking and cooking water.

The project has lessened the suffering of eight households and one crèche (registered for 95 children) as water is a vital commodity and fencing has made it safer for them to begin gardens which add to nutrition and help with food shortage.The pit toilets are a boost to health and hygiene, self-esteem and dignity.

Tanks, stands and guttering have helped with drinking and cooking needs and assisted with safeguarding against infections prevalent from diseased river water.”

Sr Christine’s acquittal report included copies of written accounts, receipts, and photo’s, some of which are shown here.