Br Ted writes from the Northern Territory

Post date: Mar 16, 2015 11:49:56 PM

Br Ted Merritt has just sent acquittals for assistance provided to needy people at the Nightcliff centre in the Northern Territory. He writes: "Enclosed are acquittals for the period 7.11.14 to date. Thanks for your continued support."Assistance provided for which details and receipts have been sent include:

* A woman with three small children who had power disconnected because of arrears. Now on a pre-paid meter and arrears sorted out

* A man requiring food for 5 days until the next invalid pension day.

* Repairs for a student bicycle to get to University

* A woman requiring food for her and her child following an unexpected reduction in her social security income when two children left. Will be able to manage in the future.

* A second hand refrigerator purchased for a married couple with child.

* Clothes for a lady who has been in hospital for 2 months and needed warm clothing.

* Door lock for a mans car that was damaged and not covered by insurance.

* Support for Grandparent looking after two autistic grandsons aged 22 and 13. The father of the boys is in Gaol until August and the lady requires ongoing assistance until then.