MSC Mission Office

The MSC Mission Office acts:

  • by analysing the causes of injustice and poverty;
  • by seeking remedies;
  • through raising awareness and support (personnel, goods, funds) for those with whom we work, or those who seek our assistance.

In this way we strive to share with others a common vision and mission for justice, peace and integrity of all creation.

One of the works of the MSC Mission Office is to provide clean water to people all over the world. In so doing we are motivated by the words of Jesus when He said that if we give as much as a cup of water in His name it will not go without its reward.

Also we recall the cry of Christ on the Cross: "I thirst". These were the words of a thirsty person, and came from deep within His Sacred Heart. His thirst was not simply for water but especially the eternal thirst of our Creator God who told St Margaret Mary Alacoque: "Look at My Heart, which loves so much and is loved so little in return".


We look forward to a world where:

  • The good things of creation are cherished, developed and shared by all;
  • The rights and dignity of each person are respected, discrimination ended, and all are in a single human family;
  • The voice of the poor is heard and heeded, lives are not dominated by greed; and
  • All have access to food, shelter and clean water - to a livelihood, health and education.


We strive:

  • To empower people to bring about change through development and relief programs at home and overseas;
  • To raise public awareness of poverty and injustice - increase understanding of the interdependence of rich and poor - create the will to change unjust structures and lifestyles; and
  • To act as advocate for the poor and to challenge society to adopt policies which incorporate social justice principles.


We are motivated by the spirit of:

  • Compassion
  • Partnership
  • Stewardship
  • Solidarity
  • Integrity of creation
  • Goodwill

What does MSC stand for?

MSC stands for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (Latin Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis or Missionnaires du Sacre-Coeur in French). The congregation was founded by Fr Jules Chevalier in France in the year 1854. In that turbulent era, Father Chevalier was deeply moved by the evils that afflicted the people of his time. As he contemplated the Heart of Jesus, he saw revealed the compassionate love of the Father, and thus he discovered the remedy for the ills of the world.

Today, close to 2,000 MSC priests and brothers are keeping the vision of Father Jules Chevalier alive in more than 50 countries, all over the world.