Vale Br. Paul MCGuigan MSC

Post date: May 9, 2016 10:13:43 PM

It is with heartfelt sorrow we record the death of one of our most faithful co-workers, Br. Paul MCGuigan MSC.Br. Paul was the son of Mollie and Jerry and came from a family of 7 boys. His brother Mark is the Parish Priest of Lismore NSW.

Br. Paul worked in many our houses in Australia, and in Kiribati. At heart he was a battler for the poor and the neglected in society. His preference was to be doing things which would directly affect the needs of those less privileged.

He felt a certain lack of ease in our comfortable society. He was a hard worker with a love of nature and gardening, which was a genuine means of recreation. All around the Monastery in Sydney we have evidence of his ability to grow trees and plants which he daily cared for.

Paul was strict in his observance of living his religious life of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. He was keen on prayer.

He spoke as little as possible about himself. He was able to mind his own business. He avoided curiosity. He was gentle by nature. His mother of 96 years said of him that he a kind and gentle boy. In many ways he chose the hardest, if he was given an option.

For the last 14 years of his life he has dedicated his efforts to managing the finances of the MSC Mission Office Australia Inc. This meant that he looked after our three main accounts, did the banking and especially transferred money overseas to our projects, after they have been approved by the Board. This was arduous, and time consuming, and Paul was always exacting.

For me Paul has been a true, loyal and understanding friend. In life you don’t meet too many such people to keep you sane and balanced. We have known each other a co-worker in the Lord’s fields for over 40 years. I and especially the staff of the MSC Mission Office will miss Paul greatly. May he now rest in the company of his Creator who he reflected so wonderfully while he was among us.