Note from a Lay Volunteer

We received the following note from a Lay Volunteer who recently traveled to help in Kiribati.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending me to Kiribati!!! I cannot tell how what a wonderful time I had there. Without a doubt, it was a life-changing experience for me and a time of great grace-giving – and a few miracles. I’ve been telling everyone that they were the best 5.5 weeks of my life, and I meant it!

I spent my days teaching English at Sacred Heart in Bikinibu. I absolutely loved it there. I loved meeting Father Yelds and the MSC seminarians, although I didn’t get to see them much. I was lucky to spend a fair bit of time with the OLSH Sisters in their various ministries. I visited and stayed over at the Women’s Crisis Centre, Tekiata (the novice) took me to the Hospital, I visited St Anne’s Pre-School, attended the AAFR Graduation Ceremony (shook everyone’s hand and presented the certificates), I visited the High Court with some other Australian volunteers, went camping to Nous (and got shipwrecked in the middle of the lagoon at night!), I gave English classes at the Betio OLSH convent, helped a few people with preparation for their job interviews – the list goes on. I was lucky to hit the ground running, and kept running for the duration of my stay!

Marlene was absolutely wonderful. She was a real Guardian Angel. I was so lucky to have met such an amazing woman.

I really, really hope to return to Kiribati once my trip, and the last of my legal study, is over. I can’t thank the place, and all its people, enough for the wonderful gifts it gave to me.

Thanks again Father.


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