How the World is Meant to Be?

Post date: Mar 10, 2016 9:52:12 PM

J. Mangkey, MSC writes with some NEWS FROM INDONESIA

On the 4th February 2016 Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi MSC ordained two MSC and one diocesan deacon in the Cathedral Church of Ambon. They were Johanes Wemay MSC, Edoardus Sisko Ngutra, MSC and Frangky K.

One unique scene was the presence of a number of members of Johanes Wemay’s family who are Protestant or Muslim, even among them a Protestant minister and an imam of the mosque. His father is still Protestant but on this special day Bishop Mandagi MSC allowed him to receive communion.

As usual a few days following the priestly ordination the newly ordained priests celebrated Mass in their parish of origin.

For Johanes Wemay another unique event happened. In Kairatu, West Seram, the place of origin of his father, he was welcomed not only by the Catholic people but also by the Protestants and Muslims.

After a welcome ceremony once he arrived by boat from Ambon he was led to a Protestant church and the ministers extended their hands for prayer upon him.

The people later proceeded to the mosque and he was cordially welcome by the Muslim leaders in front of the mosque and they prayed together.

While in Ngadi, the place of origin of his Catholic mother, another celebration brought special attention. Wemay knelt down in front of some Muslim and Catholic priests who prayed for him with hands extended.

Both the celebrations in Kairatu and Ngadi signified a great symbol of religious harmony especially among the grassroots people. This is a great witness of mutual relationship based on love, respect and understanding.

J. Mangkey, MSC