Bishop Paul Mea writes from Kiribati about Brass Instruments

Post date: Apr 29, 2016 4:34:44 AM

Many thanks for your email in regard to the Mission Outreach Newsletter that you sent.

It very interesting to know how much you are doing to assist the needy in different countries of the world especially those who are most in need.

You have also assisted us in many projects which we greatly appreciated, one of which is the musical instruments you have sent in the container.

There are many drums, clarinets, and three trumpets.

We will need a good balance of different number of brass band instruments. I will try to get someone who is knowledgeable in this, and I will inform you.

Brass band is not something knew to our people. We used to have many brass bands in parishes in early times during the msc Missionaries from France.

Those brass band instruments are now old and we need to have new ones for our youths to get them busy.

However, many thanks again for the brass band instruments that you have sent, and may God bless you.

Fraternally yours,

Bishop Paul Mea msc