PNG - Yampu Health Centre

Post date: Mar 24, 2017 6:10:12 AM

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance to buy the spare parts for the hydro to serve the people in the Yampu Health centre and in the surrounding communities in Par Parish. We are really grateful to your organization and all the benefactors who contributed to buy these things. With the assistance of your kind donation we were able to buy and repair the Hydro.


Since we ordered the spare parts bit early; once the money reached to the account we are able to purchase the spare parts immediately and fix the problem of the Hydro to provide the power to health centre as well as surrounding communities. After the repairing the Hydro; the power flow was good so the power is used by the Yampu health centre and the surrounding communities. People from different sickness was admitted and after the treatment they went back home to live a healthy life. Many attended the different courses which was organized in the pastoral centre and benefited by the course in using the Hydro power.

Yampu is the big health centre run by diocese; Holy Spirit sisters are administering the health centre along with the help of SVD priests. People from all over Enga Province are benefited by this health care services provided by the 35 staff along with 2 sisters are working in the health centre. The direct beneficiaries of the project is this year alone (2016) according to the report maintained in the health centre 28,526 sick people are treated for healing different age group of different sickness and 9,723 HIV/AIDS came for the test as well as for the counseling. Religious communities who render the service to the people also benefited through this project such as Holy Spirit Sisters, St. Therese Sisters, Poor Clare’s sisters and the SVD priests. Pastoral care and health care and quality education are given to the people at need especially through community programmes, Mobile clinics, teaching in the schools and counseling to the people with problems.

As the result of the implementation of the project: Our people are very happy to have the power in the Health centre and surrounding communities. • Power is available to preserve the medicine and to give Holistic health care to the sick and the needy.

• Since there is sufficient power, staff could attend the patients at night for an emergency.

• People from all the age group is benefited through pastoral centre in participating in seminars, retreats, workshops etc…

• Most of the children as well as other age groups are benefited from health centre.

• The living condition of the people is improved due to the implementation of the project and created the extra facilities to fulfill the basic need of the people.


The overall management of this project is done by Rev. Fr. Paul Dihn, SVD, Parish priest of Par Parish with the help of two boys who is cleaning the Hydro regularly.


At the movement SVD priest trained the local people to take care of the Hydro and to manage the minor repair but still it is hard to find the technician once Hydro gives big problem. Along with the SVD community, Health centre and pastoral centre will take care of the future maintenance of the Hydro. Parish board along with the parish priests took the ownership for the future maintenance of the Hydro.

Impact of the Project:

This present project helped the people in Remote Mountains and villages to improve the health condition of the people through good power flow for the comfortable in treating the people with good facilities. Holistic approach in health care to the community is maintained.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and the donors that made the fund available which made it possible for us to buy the spare parts. It’s a great help for the people live in the remote areas.

We assure our prayers and let the Good Lord bless you and the donors for your generosity in helping us to repair the Hydro to serve the poor and the needy.

We remember all of you in our Daily Holy Mass and Prayers.

We wish you all the best and God bless.

Yours in Christ

Fr. Paul Dihn, SVD