Philippines - HIV AIDS Awareness

Post date: Jun 10, 2014 12:18:22 AM

Every time we have our meeting people with HIV/AIDS and concerned individuals sharing their time and expertise for the sake of our suffering brothers and sisters, deep in my hearts I always remember you loving concern to these people. Your advises and guidance.

So far, our group is working silently and humbly responding spontaneously I can say. We are like a support group now, almost everyday people come to us for help and at the same time stories of liberation came out because of sharing/educational and spiritual support. For example J***** finally disclosed his situation to his family. M** who was deported from Saudi because of his disease, one of our members temporarily offered his house and after 3 weeks had a courage to go home in the province, finally he is happy with the support of his family now. These are success stories that the group proud to celebrate.

I attached here our previous 2 sessions with the HIV/AIDS group.

in core de jesu,

rich, msc