Papua New Guinea - East New Britain - Aids Awareness

Post date: Sep 28, 2016 12:53:03 AM

Sr Josephine tami msc sent a report about the Aids Awareness workshops held in various locations of East New Britain Province. Here is an extract:

Found in the report are the second quarter activities. There are awareness and a training with pictures attached. Tables showing the Time these events happened. There are pictures Of World AIDS DAY last year 2015.

Last year was a very exciting and interesting year for us in a sense that we have worked in partnership with the government and holders.

The staff of Torot vcct centre has done a well-done and excellent job in the centre and involved a lot too with the government and NGOS.

Torot centre has been the supplying centre to all other facilities of the church and the government.

We have established a good working partnership and relationship among us, the other clinical and those authorities of the diocese and the government. These great support and understanding between us has us this far to work flexibly and enthusiastically with each other.

That unity has shown itself in our daily interactions resulting in big number of people and clients coming to our centres, and communities for counselling, testing and treatment.

The great involvement with the communities has shown a great impact in the lives of most people.

Because of continued awareness, counselling and testing people are taking ownership of their positively.

This year the provincial AIDS Counsel has closed down for some times and all clients are coming to Torot Centre for assistance.

Luckily your office has helped our work financially. However, we still need better means of transport to places Where the road is too rough and swampy.

Sr Josephine tami msc