Medical examinations and medications for 120 people, Vietnam

Post date: Apr 27, 2012 1:38:58 AM


To assist over 120 disabled, handicapped people and HIV/Aids patients in need to access to medical examination and treatment. Without the assistance from the Mission Office, these people could hardly ever afford to visit the doctor and treatment for their sickness. The medical center, namely Thien Phuoc General Practice – Santa Maria Clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, has been responsible for providing the medical examination and treatment all year round.

Project Manager:

Rev. John the Baptist Nguyen van Luyen, PP



Cha Thoi kinh men,

Cam on cha nhieu da giup do anh em chung toi co phuong tien giup do nhung anh chi em khuyet tat.

Nho cha cam on Hoi Dong, chung toi da nhan duoc 9000 dollars qua chi Mai dua ve, xin Thanh Tam Chua ma anh em dang lam chung tuon do muon van an phuc xuong tren quy Hoi Dong.

Xin Chua chuc lanh cho Cha.

GB. Nguyen van Luyen

Dear Fr. Thoi.

Thank you for assisting us to have opportunity to help our brothers and sisters who are disabled and handicapped.

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to the MSC Mission Office. We have received the fund of 9,000 USD which Ms Mai brought back. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus which you are witnessing, pouring out the blessings on the MSC Congregation.

May God bless you.

JB. Nguyen van Luyen