Iyonda Congo - Nursing and Pharmaceutical Dispensary

Post date: May 20, 2014 12:26:22 AM

Sr Augustine Mobondo Sister in charge of Region of DR Congo writes:

In the OLSH community at Iyonda there are five young sisters and two aspirants: two of them have recently finished their nursing training and the other, Sr Gabrielle, the sister in charge is also a trained nurse, who is responsible for the house and for the nearby dispensary where many sick people are treated. These five sisters look after two dispensaries. At both of them they look after mothers and babies and have maternity wards in each place. As well the sisters try to help the lepers but their resources are very limited and these people cannot pay anything at all. They meet with them once a week and give them medicines, food and clothing. The cost of this is too much for the sisters without help.Assistance will help the poor people who are suffering from leprosy near Iyonda in the state of Equateur in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There is no other funding for these people. The sisters provide medical support for them from their own dispensary.