Post date: Apr 7, 2015 12:43:10 AM

We have received two applications from Kiribati for assistance upgrading facilities at two schools.At Chevalier College Abemama it is proposed to build five new classrooms, principals office and staff room, similar to those recently completed on Nauru.

While at Santa Maria College they are seeking renovation of class rooms, staff offices and other works.

We are now exploring the best options and plans to meet the requirements of the local communities and work out likely costs.

Can you help?

Bishop Paul Mea Writes

A happy Easter. Many thanks for your email informing us of the arrival soon of an architect to assist with building plans for MSC Schools: Chevalier College on Abemana and Santa Maria College in Tarawa.The schools require a lot of money and proper supervision to see that it is spent properly.

Many thanks for the two containers that have arrived. Marlene, our manager, said they contain books and a lot of furniture and many other things you can think of under the sun. It involved so much work to fill those containers and so many benefactors. We are very grateful for all this, and Marlene is great in distributing the contents to priests, and people who really need them.

To you and your co-workers in providing so much support. Our priests and people are most grateful for your kindness. You are in our prayers.

Bishop Paul Mea msc