Timor Leste - Children's Books in the Local Tetun Language

Post date: Dec 8, 2013 11:17:09 PM


he MSC Mission Office is sponsoring publication of Australian picture story books by ATPE translated to Tetun to encourage primary school children to learn to read.We have already printed 3,000 copies of one book and have just committed to another two books. The cost of each book is $4,500.

Barbara Speedie (Woodberry) writes: "Folks I thought you might like to see this record of an event last Sunday in Dili. It is probably self explanatory. The ATPE trainers got involved this year telling stories from our books - it was a first for them and it took a lot of organising as they just didn't 'have it in their experience'. What is an activity based day? Do we read to 900 kids? How do we organise ourselves etc etc But we got there finally - they bought 3 large tarps, got some plastic chairs, they all wore a tais scarf and off they went for a day they will never forget."

Can you help?