Timor-Leste: Teacher Training

Post date: May 20, 2013 11:29:41 PM

Lindy and Carlos at their graduation with their international mentors

Kindergarten teachers in Timor-Leste have very little opportunity to access formal training. For a number of years a group of internationals has been travelling to Timor to provide such training (the course is known as ATPE). In 2012 the internationals decided to work towards a more sustainable situation so they chose a number of teachers whom they started to prepare to become course trainers . Late last year the opportunity arose to place two of this group into a formal Train the Trainer course (Cert 3 and Cert 4) in Dili. MSC agreed to fund this 4 month full-time initiative for

Carlos Piedade da Cruz and Ermelinda Moniz.

In May this year these two young teachers graduated at the first ceremony of its kind – about 200 young people had successfully completed this Train the Trainer course. They came from many different professions such as the police, military, training providers, technical education and teachers.

Carlos and Ermelinda were incredibly excited and their families very proud of their achievement. So were we! They are now taking greater responsibility for the teacher training – under the watchful eyes of the international trainers. It is hoped to transfer full responsibility in 2013. They have already delivered training to two groups of teachers and performed like veterans! They are very quick to learn and are great human beings.

Lindy and Carlos at their graduation with their international mentors