Southern Sudan

Post date: Nov 12, 2012 10:07:29 PM

Below are three stories to give you some insight into our situation here in South Sudan.

Once again thank you so much for all you are doing to assist this new country and its citizens. Our school is a great school and a large part of this is due to your generosity.

Kind Regards,

Sr Philippa

I asked a student to write to me explaining why he was so late returning to school and this is what he wrote:

I asked a student to write to me explaining why he was so late returning to school and this is what he wrote:

It has been difficult for me to attend school this year for many reasons, my uncle was very sick and I took him to the hospital and cared for him and he passed away there. One of my children also got sick and then I took her to the hospital and I stayed with her to care for her and she also passed away. Then my father was very sick and I took him to the hospital where he stayed for three months and then was discharged.

I started to prepare my journey to come to school and then insecurity broke out between my tribe and those of another tribe (Nuer people and upper people). They came and killed the people and took a number of cattle ; this happened on four occasions.

Distance is another problem it is too far, it has taken me three weeks to get here on footing. By car it is three days but I did not have money for transport.

Dear Sr Philippa and staff I beg you to allow me to return to school, if I fail I will repeat the class next year is the only way to help my people. Mapuordit Comboni Secondary School is the holiest and best school in South Sudan...

Your faithful student,

By name,

Luka Lual Form 3

Happiest Day in my life

Happiest Day in my life

It was Saturday the 9th July 2011, the day we raised our flag for the first time. Independence day , the first Independence day celebrations for many Southerners.

It was a very, very hot day, I tell you! We all persevered as this was a great day for all South Sudanese, the pupils were marching and the ladies were singing and dancing and even me, I was singing with them. I felt so happy , tears ran down my cheeks and not me alone but many people were crying.

On this day , I was in Rumbek and there were many speeches including a speech from the late Bishop Mazzolari Bishop of Rumbek and other heros spoke ,

Then we had a 21 gun salute but we did not use bullets we beat the drum 21 times.

John Malou. Form 1

My School

My School

My School is Comboni Secondary School Mapuordit, it has brick buildings, with eight classrooms, 3 offices, a staff room, library, laboratory and computer room.

My School is Comboni Secondary School Mapuordit and it is the best school in South Sudan. It is well organised and there are many books for students to read and to use for study. We even have some computers for the seniors students and the staff to use. The school has beautiful classrooms and is a very good environment for learning. We also have uniforms in our school.

At 12 midday we have biscuits to give us energy and make our minds fresh for the rest of the day and for afternoon study.

Our teachers are very serious and every period is attended by a teacher and our teachers are always on time and they even study how to be better teachers over the holidays.

We have our Principal and Deputy Principal and they play a good role in our school. They set order and create strong relationships between all the teachers and the students. There is respect , peace and honesty amongst our staff and students.

Our Principal has friends who raise money to help us have the best education in the whole of South Sudan and we are giving thanks to all these people and the OLSH sisters and MSC fathers and brothers.

Samuel Gok Form 1