Septic Tank at home for Street Children at Mbandaka, Congo

Post date: Oct 22, 2012 10:22:03 PM

Thank you for all your help. If you are able to help with this project I would be very grateful. I have just received the information from Sr Philomene who had to travel from Mbandaka to Kinshasa (2 hours by plane) in order to be able to send the email and that is why it is so late in arriving. I have the information for the water at the school and I'll send you that project soon. Perhaps some donors might be able to help with this too. Many thanks and May God bless you! Sr HelenHelen Simpson, fdnsc

Location: The centre of the town of Mbandaka in the state of Equateur

Description: Construction of a Septic tank for the children in the Centre NDSC. These are the children who are cared for by the sisters after they have been left to roam the dangerous streets by their parents.

Beneficiaries: The children who live in the centre and the people in the surrounding area who are affected by the lack of sanitation.

Cost: $8,500