Senegal - Kaolack Primary School

Post date: Mar 15, 2017 2:54:21 AM

Sister Clotilde NGOM fdnsc writes from Senegal:

Since 2010, we opened a nursery and primary school in Kaolack to participate in the education of children in our area because the city had only two private Catholic schools. The classes in this school open progressively; each year we open one classroom. We are currently in the year five of our primary school. At the beginning of 2017, we will have to open the other two classes: one of the year 6 and a second one of the year one because the number of kids in that year is increasing.

We have to equip both classes with benches before school resumes. Therefore, we seek your assistance for the purchase of these benches in order to give children good study conditions.

First of all we excuse ourselves for the delay; there was confusion of account number so we only received the money, a couple of months ago. So, after we received the money, we worked with Mr. EL HADJI CISSE, the Carpenter, who, with the money we had, made sixty benches for the primary school.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity to us. Indeed, we know that the needs for the evangelization of peoples are various and that you are very solicited.

That is why your gesture touches us and the funding of USD 4152.20 you have given us, allowed us to equip with benches 2 classrooms and to complete the third class that did not have enough benches. Children are now at ease and work in very good conditions.

Your contribution is therefore a great encouragement for us to move forward in our mission.

Please pass our gratitude to all your benefactors. May God bless you in your mission.

From sister Clotilde NGOM,fdnsc