PNG - Sacred Heart Single Women’s Hostel Linckens Child Day Care Facility

Post date: Jan 31, 2014 2:24:43 AM

We are coming near to completion and hoping to try to get permission for occupancy towards end of Feb if all is to satisfaction of fire services and building board but in the interim quite a few last things to be done, e.g completing the drainage work, compacting driveway and carpark area, installation of pump and tanks, some adjustments on the ceiling exhaust fans to meet fire services requirements, plus some sealing and painting work on the posts and completing purchase/donation of necessary furnishing and appliances etc, gas fittings and completing the sewerage connections. Currently being in the wet season here, the weather is not the most desirable for completing the last phase of the earthworks with so much heavy rain but please God and with the help of good people like yourselves things will work out. We have now provisionally scheduled the opening for March 15th, 2014. We will confirm officially a little later on if all can be accomplished by this date.

Thank you ever so much for all your support. The funding help you have proposed from your coming meeting will be a great help with the payments due for these last works during Feb and early March. My apologies for not acknowledging your good news earlier. Our internet connections were quite problematic through Dec /Jan first with inability to download mail and then when this was sorted out other difficulties arose with getting mail out.

So long for now, take care,

God Bless,


Mary, MSC