Philippines - Tagpalico, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur

Post date: Dec 9, 2014 2:28:42 AM

This project enables the children in the lumad community to obtain education right in their own place. They no longer hike in long distances and across rivers several times to ensure their safety in attending classes. It provided school fees as well as books for the 100 children in Tagpalico from Preschool, Grade I to Grade VI.

The project is allotted for the 100 pupils. However, upon hearing that our school is continued serving and giving indigenous people quality education. The parents from the neighboring community enrolled their children in our school. From one hundred (100) pupils to one hundred twelve (112). And all of them are successfully finished their studies in this school year due to continued follow-up and requiring the family to prepare a farm for food security of their children. Our eleven (11) grade six pupils are able to graduate their elementary grade with all the conviction to finished their studies in spite of many challenges in life and continue their education to the next level in Lumad High, San Luis, Agusan del Sur. The teachers are dedicated in giving attention to their responsibility to the learner and extend time to do tutorial those who are need help academically. Home visitation are the most puissant bridge to be connected with each other between the school and the community, the teachers and the parents as well as the children that the support system are strengthen because they build strong relationship and have common understanding in their responsibility. National achievement test is yearly happen the teachers are so patient in doing review to prepare our grade six pupil and it is also a venue to assess our pupils in their academic ability.

Academically they are very motivated to learn because the valued most their education. Books help them more facilitate interest to learn.

Preserving and strengthen our culture is our goal to attain, that our curriculum are culture base, lessons ties from the cycle of life in the community and the IKSPS of the community that help our children to be more proud in owning who they are, because of their deeper understanding of being Lumad. Their languages, dances, rituals tud-oms and indigenous musical instrument are still alive in the community they give more respect, passion and love when they play and dance on it. Literacy coordinator are passionately do school visitation and classroom observation to secure our goal of quality indigenous people’s education.

Teachers are given training and updating before class started in order to equip and secure the teacher to have enough confidence in doing their duty and responsibility. Conference in a group and individual is being done time to time to assess each other performance. Exposure the teacher to the area is also done before class stared to integrate the community in order for them to understand and build up good relationship to the community.