Nauru - Request for Teachers

Post date: Feb 7, 2014 3:39:15 AM

Greetings from Nauru.

I am writing due to our matters of urgency. The Kayser College has lost a substantial number of teachers for the school. This is a result of the withdrawal of teachers by the Department of Education to be repositioned in Government schools and is also a result of teachers resigning to take up employment at the Offshore Processing Centre (OPC) for the Asylum Seekers (admittedly, the OPC pays significantly higher wages for their workers for unskilled labour). These two issues regarding the lack of available teachers for Kayser College is a consequence of national occurences and is beyond our control.

In the current shift in circumstances, the most urgent issue at hand is to seek teachers for our school. The channel to address this issue is to bring in expatriate teachers. The past difficulty in making that happen is due to lack of accommodation for teachers.

We have confirmed Nauru Church Council approval to use the former Legion of Mary Building for Kayser Colllege teachers' accommodations. This building is now under construction to undergo full renovation to avail two self-contained apartments. Father Simon has also confirmed that he has several rooms at his residence that may be utilised for short term teachers should we recieve more teachers. Renovations at the Father's residence are underway to do up a shared kitchen and utilities area. These teacher accommodations will be earmarked for expatriate teachers that we hope to enlist with the help of the Diocese of Nauru-Kiribati and from the Mission of the Sacred Heart and their ensuing network and association with Catholic Missionaries and Schools.

At this point in time, with regard to the skeleton staff we have to work with, we will be forced to close down Years 7 & 8 to bring those two teachers down to primary levels to fill those positions where they are also needed. You will note that we need at least four teachers to take up the Years 7 & 8 however the numbers have been reduced since last year leaving us with only two teachers.

I am writing to seek your kind assistance in our request for teachers through your networks.

I look forward to your urgent response regarding please.

God bless you and with our kind regards,

Greta Harris

Kayser College

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