Kiribati Teachers' College

Post date: Jul 2, 2014 8:24:19 AM

We received the following correspondence following up the containers that were sent to Kiribati last year with donated items. We are currently preparing another two containers for shipment.

On behalf of the college, would like to convey my sincere thanks to you for a set of books which Miss Tenikarawa; one of the lecturers at the Kiribati Teacher's College had brought to the KTC library. These charities had been processed and are shelved in the main part of the library for students to use.

In the. past years, the KTC Library had deteriorated to the point where there were only few books on the shelves far student teachers to use. Almost all books were outdated; unfortunately we did not have much money to purchase most significant and relevant books, especially first hand resources. Our teacher trainees had little access to the types of resources necessary for training.

Presently we are so thankful and grateful to say that the KTC Library is improving slowly, year by year; book by book just from receiving such wonderful gift from different organization and bodies that had developed its collection and that will help students develop their vocabulary, their comprehension and their literacy interests. Anyway, these windfalls you have offered are the most current available in the library. They will have positive input to our clients and will also benefit them to research information that Will help them to develop lesson plans and also

help them improve their English language skills .

Hopefully our recent student teachers lecturers and support staff would like to thank you for your great donation. Your support and consideration help make the kind of change we want to see in the KTC Library, We know the hard work that goes into making this college a success and appreciate your effort's. I am personally appreciating your generosity and kindness even more.

Again, many, many thanks!

With this few words end with Temauri, Teraoi ao Te Tabomoa rneans Peace, Health and Prosperity.


Agnes Ioane

Librarian for Principal