Kiribati - Benefits from the Containers Sent This Year

Post date: Oct 24, 2013 10:20:46 PM

<- Veronica Batiri and Nikora Bukitaake Local village children with their new bicycles

Sr Fualosa packing school supplies for Immaculate Heart College Taborio ->

On Tuesday evening we received word that the ship was going to Abemama Is.

At 6pm we loaded 32 desks 32 frames and desk tops, 128 brackets, 256 screws on to our small pick up truck, and headed to the wharf. by the time, the crew measured our cargo we left at 10pm.

These items should completely furnish one school room for the training centre at Manoku.. They also took a television and computer.

I shall write and tell you where much of the cargo was sent to, so far I have packed cartons for Butaritari, Makin, Abaiang, Maiana, North Tarawa, Beru, Christmas Is.

Many schools and preschools have benefited. Words cannot express the extent of your generosity.

Many Kiribati parishes and people have been help immensely.

Best Wishes