India - Chevalier Academy Dindigul

Post date: Aug 11, 2015 4:30:30 AM

This is to certify that the project initiated by Chevalier charitable society been completed with the requested need mentioned below


1. Desk & Benches (Computer Lab and Tuition Class)

2. Computer Cabins

3. Writing Boards for Classrooms

I Fr. Thatheus Darwin, MSC hereby thank and confirm that the project will be very much helpful for the students in Dindigul.

Thanking you,

Fr. Thatheus Darwin, MSC


Project Vision:

By implementing this project we aim at bringing a change in the lives of people by providing quality education. 'Education' will enable the younger generation to think constructively and innovatively to achieve better living conditions in future.

Objectives: To create space for these poor and marginalized children (1500) to have access to education. To lead these (1500) poor and rural children into the world of knowledge and information. To provide free education to these deserving poor people. To eradicate illiteracy from the place.

Aim of the Project: This project aims at educating the poor children in the surrounding twelve villages who have no access to good schools apart from the government schools where the standard of education is very low. At present we have started with ten computers and 12 classrooms to provide them good educational guidance. Providing Tuition center will enable the children have more time and access to different characteristic children. Where that can make children grow socially well equipped.